Thinking Eternally

30 01 2009

It is appropriate that the first post of this blog should reflect the theme of the blog itself. What is meant by “thinking eternally?” It is no accident that the phrase has multiple meanings based upon how you look at it.

First, it means that we will be thinking for the rest of eternity. God has made us in his image, which means that we have thinking and reasoning ability as he does. He has also made us such that we will exist beyond this temporary existence in our current state. We are eternal beings and as such, we will exist beyond this mortal coil. We will be thinking eternally.

Second, it means that we have thoughts that transcend this finite existence. The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us that God has set eternity in the hearts of men. (Ecc. 3:11) This is the reason that man’s search for meaning will never be fulfilled with things of this world. There is nothing in this world big enough or satisfying enough to fill the need that man has for meaning. The things of this world, whether relationships or things, are temporary and fleeting; even the most lasting of relationships. However, God is eternal, omnicient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful), immutable (unchanging), sovereign, holy, loving, merciful, just, and much more. In this way also, we are thinking eternally.

The great news is that if we have repented of our rebellion against God and put our trust in Jesus Christ as the one who paid for those sins, we will have eternity to understand God more and more, and for eternity, we will only really scratch the surface. We will understand God in a meaningful way, as he has made that possible for us; yet, we will never understand God exhaustively. Each moment of eternity will be a new moment to understand God better, and each moment will be a new and glorious experience.

So, think together with me through this blog about what is of eternal importance.



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